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About us
  In 2005, from the heart for injection mould, 3 dedicated and experience mold maker founded Ideal Mold Industrial Co., Ltd.. It focused on helping our customer to solve the difficulty of the mold design and manufacturing, it aims to receive worldwide reputation. In 2006, Ideal founder, Steven Wang established Hope Mold in Ningbo, and in 2010, established Nanjing Ideal Mold Co., Ltd. in Nanjing.

  Ideal Mold could offer molds from small, precise connector to large automobile parts, serving industries of mobile phone, electrical appliances, medical instruments, OA, audio and automobile etc.

  Ideal Mold occupies the area of 2,000 square meters and has more than 40 staff members. Capitalizing on the world class skills of our employees, state-of-the-art equipment, regional direct labor costs, Ideal Mold builds over 150 plastic injection molds annually. Our loyal customer base enjoys state of the art quality, precision to microns, aggressive lead times and pricing, and superior customer service. Ideal Mold provides customers with high quality plastic injection molds, prompt and efficient engineering services, and offers the products to industry at a competitive price with the best possible delivery. We sell not only tooling, but also engineering support, efficiency, speed and quality. The Ideal family looks forward to participating on the success of your next project.

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